Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday Funday and the New Week

No Super Bowl yesterday, just fun family time!

Today Elora and I will attempt to go to the Glendale Galleria for a few returns. But for now she is sleeping in my arms. Soon we will both have lunch and then be on our merry way!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not "Goodbye," but "See You Around"

our good pals Steve Hackney and Elyse Cooper-Smith are moving from Long Beach to Mountain View, CA, and we were lucky enough to get a visit from them before they begin their journey. they brought their 9-month old dog Billie along, and we went for a walk and then came home and ordered indian food.

good luck, guys! we'll see you soon!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Rainy No-Makeup Monday Morning

welcome back, me!

this is the first blog post of 2012 and since Elora was born. i never meant for the blog to end, so i'm back. now that Elora goes to bed around 9pm and sleeps through the night, i can stay up a little later to post (and do laundry, dishes, take a shower, prepare formula....). i also get some extra time when she goes back to bed after her first feeding.

since it's a rainy day, i'm liking the idea of staying cozy inside all day. we can be more ambitious tomorrow!

happy new year, everyone!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Caitlin and Mike's Wedding Shower

last night was caitlin and mike's wedding shower! the theme was "fiesta" and there was an endless supply of quesadillas and margaritas! while i did not partake in the margs, i DID eat two slices of amazing homemade key-lime pie. everyone seemed to have a great time, and i heard the cops even showed up after we left!

since this was probably my last time getting dolled up before the baby arrives, i asked justin to take some photos before we left the house. i went all out with hair extensions and everything!

...and this is caitlin's bridal party!

Monday, September 19, 2011

I heart Justin!

i came home from work tonight and justin had a surprise for me! he had stayed home from work to get a few things done around the house to help me "nest" in preparation of baby. it made my day!

he cleared out and stripped down the closet to prep it for painting and the new shelves we are putting in...

he finished the laundry...

he ran the dishwasher...

he cleaned and dusted the living room, and lit candles for me...

he set up the bedside bassinet and cleaned the bedroom of all clutter.

he did an amazing job on everything. thank you, justin! love you!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Date with Caitlin

yesterday, caitlin picked me up in the morning and we went to Bottega Louie for brunch downtown.

the highlight of our meal was the potato pancakes with creme fraiche and applesauce.

afterwards, we walked to the jewelry district, where caitlin took me to her dad's "silver guy" so i could pick out a temporary wedding ring that would fit my swollen finger (note: last week justin had to cut off my wedding ring). it was so hard to choose, but in the end i picked three beauties!

someday Elora can have them all!

thanks to caitlin for a great afternoon!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Strike a Pose

i was browsing online at clothes to buy, daydreaming about actually fitting in regular clothes again someday, and i look down to find a VERY clear reminder from a little certain someone on exactly why i can't fit in those clothes.

lately she seems to prefer the right side...